Yoga Stress Release masterclass on the Vagus Nerve, Saturday, 11th of January 16:00-18:30, Yogapoint Arnhem

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Calm your Body, Calm your Mind

Yoga Stress Release masterclass on the Psoas 


Your body and nervous system are beautifully designed to “ride the waves of life.” You are very able to deal with most of life’s ups and downs. You are naturally capable to handle situations that are threatening or stressful and release and relax again afterwards. But somewhere along the way many people lose the ability to “bounce back” after stressful events and get stuck in the hamsterwheel of tension. This stress and tension can manifest in an overactive mind (always thinking), in sleeping problems, weight gain or weight loss, in anxieties, feeling sad or depressed, low energy or not being able to sit still and focus. These are symptoms of an overload of stored up energy in your body. And this can manifest in many more ways but it always results in not feeling like yourself and not feeling good.

In the masterclass you will learn and experience how to influence your nervous system and release stress from your body. Sandra will guide you through practice with breathing exercises, asana, meditation and partner exercises (non-touch) and explain from neurobiological science how and why these practices are so effective to calm you down and make you feel like you again!


Masterclass 2:  Vagus Nerve

Restore and Rebalance: The masterclass Vagus Nerve is about managing your body’s and nervous system’s reaction to stress, so you can be more in control over the effects of stressful situations, people, etc. This workshop involves more breathing practices, meditation and partner exercise.

At the end of these masterclasses, you will feel the difference of relaxation in your body and mind. You will have the knowledge of how your body reacts when you experience stress and how to take care of yourself when that happens. You will receive tools to restore your own nervous system to relaxation mode.

These workshops are suitable for all levels of yoga, for people without any yoga experience, and well as Yoga Teachers.

About Sandra Carson 

Sandra’s teaching style is rooted in alignment and the cultivation of body awareness through the sensory body. Sandra’s background is Vinyasa Flow, Anusara yoga, Yoga for Injury management, trauma healing and Tantra. Her unique yoga classes are a mix of flow and alignment and most dynamic and energizing in nature. They invite you to step up and curiously explore your abilities while respecting your boundaries. Sandra encourages you to listen intimately and choose what serves in every moment in the practice.

Sandra teaches weekly classes in Amsterdam. She also teaches workshops, Yoga Teacher Training and writes occasionally for Yoga magazines. You can find her on LivingAlignmentYoga.com. She is an Anusara certified teacher and an E-RYT and YACEP with Yoga Alliance.


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