Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, 30h/YA® 4-8 maart 2020, Yogapoint Arnhem

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The gift of teaching Restorative Yoga

with Noeleen Tyrrell

Teacher Training 30 hour/ YA®

In a world that drives us onwards at high speed it is vitally important to know how to and when to stop. The gift of yoga and in particular restorative yoga is to give us a powerful tool for remaining healthy and balanced as we live our lives to the fullest. Practicing Restorative Yoga is gift to yourself and teaching it is a wonderful gift to others.


What you will cover

The Art of Relaxation - Opening to Grace

The Science of Relaxation

Benefits of Restorative Practice

How to support relaxation – props

Sequencing Restorative Practice - 6 Divine Kramas (Sequences)

Teaching Restorative Yoga

Using a class theme to enhance the experience

Incorporating MEDITATION, Pranayama and Mantra to deepen the practice

PHILOSOPHY as an underpinning support to all yoga practice


Students will:

Learn how to develop a deep restorative yoga practice

Learn how to teach restorative yoga

Learn how to use yoga props to support the practice

Learn how to create intuitive and intelligent class plans

Specifically learn 6 KRAMAS or sequences designed to align students with the deeper level of Self.


The Shiva-Shakti Sequences are as follows

SHIVA /CHIT - Absolute Consciousness and awareness

SHAKTI/ANANDA - Bliss or pure Joy

SPANDA - Pulsating Stillness

SHRI - Auspicious Beauty

SVATANTRYA -Ultimate Freedom

PURNATVA - You are whole, full and perfect just as you are!


Eligibility - This is open to yoga teachers & trainees who wish to teach this powerful practice.The course is also open to dedicated practitioners who wish to deepen their personal practice.

All training with Noeleen is eligible for CPD points with YAP and YA in USA. Also counts as elective hours for Anusara Yoga teachers.


Noelleen Tyrell about herself

In San Francisco in 1990 my fascination and exploration of yoga began. I was lucky to be a guinea pig for a budding Iyengar Yoga teacher and as such learned how to use props in general asana practice. I was doubly blessed to learn of and fall in love with restorative practice at the start of my yoga life.

Since then my practice has evolved and transformed hugely. As the years rolled on, I continued to study with mostly Iyengar teachers and my practice was largely influenced as such. However, the biggest transformation of body, mind and especially heart came many years later when I was introduced to Anusara Yoga in 2010. Since then the underlying non-dual Tantric philosophy that is integral to the method has coloured, enriched and supported my practice, my teaching and my life.

So, when it comes to Restorative Yoga that same life affirming philosophy underpins this practice too. I have combined my years of experience practicing and teaching Restorative Yoga with the technique, method and philosophy of Anusara Yoga. My many decades of experience in clinical practice as a Cranio Sacral Therapist, Massage therapist and Yoga Therapist combine to bolster (excuse the pun!) my teaching and vantage point.


I offer this course to you with a deep wish in my heart for you to receive the gift of healing, deep relaxation and inner connection through your practice. I am grateful to you for being here with me and sharing my passion and love of yoga.


Dates & times


Wednesday - Friday 11:00 - 18:00 incl. 45 min lunch

Sunday and Saturday 10:45 - 17:45 incl. 45 min lunch


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