Acro Yoga Masterclasses - Zaterdag 30 nov Solar + Lunar Flight package, 13.00-17.30 Yogapoint Arnhem

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Take a Solar and a Lunar Flight


Acro Yoga Masterclasses with Lennert and Yvonne 


Playfulness, balance, communication, and connection. These are only some themes you’ll find in AcroYoga! AcroYoga is working with your body in a playful way, both from the inside and outside, discovering your limits and getting beyond in a safe environment, connecting with yourself and with others.


AcroYoga is a combination of three elements: yoga,

(partner-)acrobatics and Thai massage. There is a solar and a lunar side on AcroYoga.


* Solar AcroYoga:

Solar AcroYoga is an active form of AcroYoga. It’s a combination of yoga and (partner-)acrobatics, which will be completed with a short Thai massage, to get the adrenaline back to normal.


** Lunar Acroyoga:

Lunar AcroYoga is a more passive from of AcroYoga. t’s a combination of yoga and therapeutic flying (massage in the air) and Thai massage. It’s a very nice and gentle way to relax and recharge the



Lennert and Yvonne love to share their passion and enthusiasm with you! They love to see how much pleasure, development, and connection is involved during the practice of AcroYoga. You don’t need any experience with AcroYoga, nor you need a partner.






Yvonne started her yoga journey in 2004. Many of the asananas (postures) looked and felt familiar to her. Being an active and playful child, she often stood on her hands and head already, felt into splits, and wrapped her legs around her neck. She even did candle and nauli, a pranayama exercise, just for fun. "It felt great!".

The first 10 years of her practice had been influenced by the practice in tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar, and so, with a lot of attention to 'correct' alignment. Slowly she started to like the less static asana practice as well, and she moved more to ashtanga vinyasa yoga. After a while, AcroYoga & Aerial Yoga passed her way. Now she loves sharing her passion for yoga, Aerial Yoga en AcroYoga and teaches already for many years at different studios.

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Lennert has always been fascinated by action and movement, and he got a very sportive background. Through injuries and short muscles - caused by extreme endurance sports -, he follows the advice of his physiotherapist to start practicing yoga. First of all to get his muscles back to length to recover from injuries and to prevent injuries in future. Soon he also gets interested in the mental, emotional, and spiritual practices.

In short time AcroYoga came on his path, and a second passion had been born! He changes direction, attends various yoga teacher and AcroYoga teacher trainings, and continues his career as a yoga en AcroYoga teacher. He loves sharing your passion with you!

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Level: Beginners / All levels


Saturday November 30 from 13:00 – 15:00 | Solar masterclass*

Saturday November 30 from 15:30 – 17:30 | Lunar workshop**


Language: Dutch / English

Prereq’s: No experience and/or partner needed


A minimum of 10 participant is necessary.

No refund possible.

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