Yoga Dance - Let your yoga dance, Vrijdag - zondag 22 mei - 24 mei 2020 Yogapoint Arnhem

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20 hour training for yoga teacher, dancer and yoga practicioner

Explore your own amazing and creative potential and have a new perspective on your yoga practice.
This is a weekend for everyone who likes to leave their usual Yoga practice with an often strict form in the Asana and Flows behind.

Yoga is Yoga - and we can let our Yoga dance. By doing so we create our own dance with and within the Asanas. We move in our unique rhythm and pace enjoying the freedom to play and being creative within our flow. We will feel the Asanas from deep inside of us and move intuitively, spirited, with inner awareness and a sense of freedom and beauty from the subtle layers of our inner body.

With wonderful Worldmusic we discover wavelike,
spiral, circular and snakelike movements. Yoga Dance is a journey and a doorway to deep joy and wellbeing, cultivating relaxed strength, juicy mobility and flexibility and a delightful relaxation. During this weekend you will explore Yoga Flow and Dance in a joyful, playful way with time for Q and A.

Let yourself move by the strenght of organic flows and danced asanas meeting the very moment. Here you find the space and time for your own individual expression without judgments and standards.


- The roots of dance
- Principles of Flow Yoga and Yoga Dance
- Symbolic meaning: In the flow of life/ a dance through life
- What is dance?
- What means creativity within an Asana
- Meaning of rhythm and pace
- How to cultivate depth and soul in an Asana and in Flow.
- Breath and Movement
- Meaning of fascia in Flow Yoga and Yoga Dance
- The art of using supportive music

Beate Cuson

Beate Cuson is a Yoga teacher, former Dancer and Capoeirista, Naturopath and Author. Since more than 40 years Beate is studying, experiencing and teaching different kinds of Movement, Dance and Capoeira, since 30 years Yoga. Beate is a highly experienced and well trainned in different kinds of Dance and Bodywork and several styles of Yoga. 1998 she opened Moveo, a beautiful yoga studio on the roof of an old brewery in Berlin. 2012 she left the studio and is teaching Teacher Trainings, workshops and Yoga holidays in Europe and Switzerland. Three Yoga Books with her are published, one audio book and one DVD, filmed in India.
Beates books
Flow Yoga - meditation in movement
Flow Yoga - poesy in motion
Yoga für die reifen Jahre - die Fülle des Lebens geniessen

More about Beate Cuson: https://yoga-beatecuson.de

For who is this weekend?

This weekend is for yogateacher and dancer looking for depth and inspiration. It also speaks to every yoga practicioner who likes to dive into a weekend of an extra oridinary yoga practice.

Dates & times
Friday, the 22th of May 16:00 -21:00 (incl. little break)
Saturday, the 23rd of May 11:00 - 19:00 (incl. break)
Sunday, the 24th of May 10:45 - 15:45 (incl. litlle break)

€ 198 incl. 21% BTW;
early bird till 29th of february 2020: € 180 incl. 21 % BTW



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