Healing touch - Introduction into Thai Yoga and the art of touching - Zondag 19 januari 2020 ; 09.30 - 17.00u

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Introduction into Thai Yoga and the art of touch  

with Tobias Frank

Sunday, 19th of January 2020  9:30-17:00

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Learn to touch

Learn about the fascinating world of bodywork that touches not only the body but also spirit and soul. As a yoga teacher you can use Thai Yoga to give mindful, loving touch to your students so they can relax. The wonderful thing about this is that you can have a relaxed time yourself doing bodywork and assists by using your own body mechanics. 

This yoga teacher training offers you four qualities that make touch pleasant – mindfulness, clarity, sensation, and surrender. Additionally, you learn practical massage techniques for different Asanas, such as Savasana and child’s pose.


Learning to touch


  • practicing the art of touch
  • 4 qualities that make touch pleasant (mindfulness, clarity, sensation and surrender)
  • subtle anatomy practice: feeling energy & chakras with your hands
  • how to use touch in your yoga class for the good of your student


Thai Yoga for Yoga teacher

  • how to use your own body mechanics in order to massage and assist without working too hard
  • techniques for Asanas such as Savasana and child’s pose – handout included
  • contra-indications and how to deal with limiting health issues


About Tobias

Tobias is a recognized expert in the art of letting go. He is the author of the book „Thai Yoga – Körper & Seele berühren“, writes for YOGA JOURNAL and YOGA AKTUELL and works as a yoga teacher with dozens of workshops and conferences in Germany and beyond. In his training, he shows students how to enjoy Yoga passively by practicing Thai Yoga and Flying Bodywork. His classes are characterized by clarity, authenticity, humor, and depth.  Tobias invites people to trust their intuition and feel themselves on a deep level. For more details visit: www.thaiyoga.de.


6 uur training: € 96 incl. BTW

Location: Yoga Point Arnhem


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